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Cisco Extends TelePresence Service in Nigeria using Juststandout Power Back up Systems
Sunday, September 5th, 2010 at 5:36 pm

Cisco’s Nigeria Office to Use Unique Live Face-to-Face Cisco Collaboration Solution to Bridge Distance and Reduce Travel Costs

LAGOS, Nigeria, 27 August 2010: Cisco announced this week that Cisco TelePresence™ exchanges have now been installed in its Lagos office. Unveiled in Cisco’s Lagos office this week, the Cisco TelePresence solution offers a live, face-to-face experience that enables people from different offices and cities around the world to meet virtually using the power of the network.

This marks the second major deployment of Cisco’s TelePresence solution in Nigeria following the announcement, in April 2010, that MTN Nigeria had become the first service provider in Nigeria to offer public Cisco TelePresence rooms in three locations: the Southern Sun Hotel in Lagos, the Sheraton Hotel in Abuja and the Le Meridian Hotel in Port Harcourt.

With the MainOne Cable now live and its 1,920 Gbps, 7000 kilometers long, submarine fiber optic cable system linking West Africa to Europe, Nigeria is set to enter the next phase of broadband acceleration. The wide adoption of collaborative technology solutions, like Cisco TelePresence, in all sectors from education, to health and entertainment, will help to drive economic growth in Nigeria as well as make it a true globally connected nation.

Highlights / Key Facts:

  • Cisco TelePresence meeting participants can share content, create high-quality video recordings of events, consult with experts, and deliver powerful personalized services, all using the network for an immersive in-person experience. Setting up a Cisco TelePresence meeting is as simple as making a phone call, and when participants sit down at the conference table in a Cisco TelePresence room, other participants appear to be sitting across the table, in life size, no matter where they are in the world.
  • The Cisco office in Nigeria has been installed with the Cisco TelePresence System 3000 Series designed for large group meetings, creating an environment for up to six people to meet in one location and to be "virtually" joined by six additional people, for a total of 12 meeting participants. It is suitable for customer engagements, presentations to groups, supply-chain dealings, press briefings, operational or engineering reviews, negotiations, regular team meetings, and other gatherings.  It integrates three 65-inch plasma screens and a specially designed table that seats six participants on one side of the virtual table. The system, which features cameras, a lighting array, microphones, and speakers, all tuned to optimize the experience, supports life-size images with ultra-high-definition video and spatial audio. A multipoint meeting using Cisco TelePresence System 3000 can support up to 48 locations on a single call.
  • For businesses in West Africa, Cisco TelePresence technology will bridge geographical divides, by enabling highly secure virtual meetings with multiple locations inside or outside the corporate firewall. Ultimately, the solution will help to save costs and boost productivity by reducing travel and will facilitate a greener company environment by reducing its carbon footprint.
  • The ‘real-life’ meeting experience provided by Cisco TelePresence technology is delivered through ultra-high-definition video that reveals subtle facial expressions conveying nonverbal reactions. Spatial audio allows the transmission of every nuance of the conversation and enables participants to interact as they would in person.
  • One of the biggest challenges to the successful deployment of Cisco TelePresence in the past has been the frequent power cuts in Nigeria. Cisco has worked closely with JustStandout Ltd to guarantee uninterrupted power availability even during power cuts.

Executive Quotes:

Richard Edet, general manager for Cisco Nigeria

“In Nigeria, the Cisco TelePresence solution will have a transformational impact all sectors of Nigerian society from healthcare and education to safety and citizen inclusion. Health care professionals, for example, will soon be able to collaborate more easily, regardless of location, thereby improving both the timeliness and the quality of care delivered and patients will be able to access physicians and specialists from remote locations. Likewise, for educational establishments, Cisco TelePresence will help transform the learning environment, providing a means to bring education to remote locations and also connect with colleges, institutions and tutors from around the world. With the adoption of TelePresence, Nigeria is set to mark its 50 years of independence milestone by becoming a truly smart and connected nation.”

Den Sullivan, chief technology officer, for Cisco Emerging Markets

“The deployment of Cisco TelePresence technology can now be increased significantly throughout the sub-Saharan African region with the arrival of submarine cables, which now offer high bandwidth at attractive prices. Cisco’s vision is to be the leading enabler of ICT and broadband acceleration in emerging markets through innovative, scalable, high-value technology offerings and solutions. This Cisco TelePresence solution will not only transform the way business is conducted in Africa but also help make vital services like healthcare and education more accessible to those who need them most.”