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25+ Energy (Money) saving Tips
Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 at 12:29 pm

Joseph Inyang, Juststandout Academy; 2010.

With the current state of energy infrastructure and the rising cost providing power for homes and businesses, different strategies and energy mix are required to meet energy needs at a reasonably bearable cost.


Vent your roof to allow lower temperatures above your head and home, this leads to lower electricity bills or lower capacity systems (generators, inverters, solar or wind). The fact today is that most o us live below ovens, because we went from thatched roofs to clay/slate to asbestos and now metal roofs.

1.       Open holes protected by bars and net (like you would, when you roll down a bit the windows of a parked car to reduce the temperature build up)

2.        Install an arctic fan with a thermostat to quickly reduce temperature in the roof.

3.       Replace metal roofs with clay/slate or other material that do not conduct heat.

4.        Change roof to green or even better insulation.

Electric Meter

5.       Replace your electric meter with a PHCN pre-paid meter. You will stop getting “Ghost Bills” and it will encourage you to conserve power

6.       Organize your community or group to get the pre-paid meter.

General  Electrical Appliances

Change or buy efficient appliances. New energy light bulbs save as much as 80% of energy.

7.       Change your frequently used light bulbs to Compact Florence Lamps(CFL)

8.       Change all your light bulbs to Compact Florence Lamps

9.       Change all your major appliances including ACs with high efficiency units

10.    Add a solar water heater. Most heating use up too much power so you will be saving a lot by using solar to heat, e.g., at salons, dry cleaners/Laundromats.


11.    Switch off all lights when not in room

12.    Add photo switches to all outside lights and get more fans and use less AC

13.    Add infrared switches to lights and some appliances set to switch off if no one is the room for upwards of 3 to 5 minutes.

Fridge & Freezer

Make your fridge and freezer more efficient or buy a new one. The amount of food saved and the amount of energy will be enormous when everyone takes part in this effort.

14.    Place “vegetable moisturizer”, a small plastic cover filled with water in your vegetable section of the fridge and see how long your vegetables last.

15.    Place an “an Ice Battery” , a 25 liter keg with water that freezes when there is power and uses the stored energy to cool when there is no power

16.    Replace or buy new efficient fridge or freezer

Power Solutions

Add or design new homes with power solutions. This will increase the quality of life at a lower price. Your family will know what it feels like to have continuous power supply without drilling a hole in your finances.

17.    Install an inverter with a battery bank  to power lights and fans

18.    Get a generator to help charge the battery bank if the power in your area is really bad

19.    Install an inverter and generator to run the whole home and office

20.    Add or install solar power to your system

Homes & offices

Homes need to be built for our climate. This will save a ton of energy needed to power our country

21.    Get or remodel with low energy lights for security and street lights .

22.    Remodel  your current home to take advantage of all the power savings

23.    Design your current home to take advantage of all the power savings. This should start from orientation of the building. You could also use red brick or other material that provide passive cooling.

24.   Use floor,table and desk lamp to increase illumination to needed areas without waste.


25.    Use stoves that require less energy to burn

26.    If you are currently using firewood or coal to cook, use a rocket stove to reduce fuel usage by half.