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Hearts of Gold Children’s Hospice
Thursday, July 14th, 2011 at 1:42 pm



“This is  one of the best gifts we have ever received…” – Mrs. Adelaja Adedoyin, Founder, Hearts of Gold Children’s Hospice, Surulere Lagos”



Hearts of Gold Children’s Hospice is currently the nation’s only hospice for children. The Hospice was established to provide care for abandoned children suffering from various types of physical and mental disabilities. With the involvement of JustStandOut, an alternative power solutions and energy consultancy through its charitable project called “Light Up a Precious Life”, the hospice has been lighted up with power solutions that will generate the equivalent of 2.4KW electric power, thereby providing uninterrupted and adequate energy to power the dormitory of the hospice.

The installed power solutions consist of a JustStandOut brand 2400 Watts inverter 60 amp/24 volts charger with eight units of 200 Amps JustStandOut batteries, six 32 watts full moon energy light, twenty 9 watts energy light bulbs and one JustStandOut battery operated fuel pump. This solution will provide lighting and fans for the hospice. Importantly, these solutions will save the hospice considerably in its operating expenses.

The donation of these solutions to Hearts of Gold Children’s hospice is in line with our vision of helping to meet the need for regular power supply at a cost that is affordable and the solutions environmentally friendly. The hospice has been identified as one of those institutions set up to take care of the helpless, and we believe that by helping them reduce their overheads, especially their power outlay, it will be better placed to serve the children it is currently catering for, and perhaps even more children, says Mr.Joseph Inyang, Technical Director. JustStandOut Ltd.

Mrs. Adelaja Adedoyin, founder of the hospice said the donation has helped to improve the livelihood of the hospice. “Ever since the inverter was donated to the home, we have been happy. It has added value to the home especially which before now, we used to spend a lot of money on diesel because we had to run the generator all through the night for the children to sleep comfortably. But now it has helped us to reduce our spending on generator fuel.

Continuing: “This is one of the best gifts we have ever received. Thank you JustStandOut, you will remain relevant, you will be one of those who will bring solutions to the country’s power problems by God’s grace”. She added.

The solution is fitted with a battery rack and cabinet, accessories, complete electrical installations and a warranty to ensure that the equipment function optimally for the benefit of the hospice.

Hearts of Gold Children’s Hospice

The hospice opened on the 2nd October 2003 in response to the increasing number of abandoned and orphaned children suffering from a vast range of severe congenital, physical and mental disabilities.

For children with terminal and other life-limiting and life threatening illnesses the hospice offers comfortable, caring and loving environment. It also provides palliative and respite care services. At the moment, the hospice provides care for 42 children. These children are aged between 6 weeks to 13 years old. They were abandoned by their parents  because of their disabilities, medical conditions and economic reasons.

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