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Save the Earth, Enjoy More hours of light and Save Money
Thursday, July 14th, 2011 at 12:40 pm

By Joseph Inyang,  July 2011.

 Save the Earth, Enjoy More hours of light and Save Money.docx 

God said “let there be light” and there was light. We are still waiting for our fair share in Nigeria. So the idea of saving the earth may not be received well. People are saying “of course other countries have light and now that we are trying to get light they are saying save the earth.”

Saving energy at home or a business is not only important in terms of the environment, but can also save companies considerable sums of money. It also allows other people to have some light. JustStandOut believes in educating people that are interested in achieving a 21st century lifestyle while reducing their carbon footprint and thereby reducing global warming.

So what are “Energy Saving Lights? Energy Saving Lights are considered to be lights that use significantly less amount of energy to provide the same amount of light. There are technologies used in today’s market, Compact Florescent Light (CFL) and Light Emitting Diodes. Today CFLs are widely used because of the price, however with new improvement and more plants, the price of LEDs are dropping.

Today most of us are enjoying LED torch lights that last longer than the normal (Incandescent bulb) and some are even rechargeable.

You may be asking, which one should I go for? It depends on you. The table below will help you decide.




Prices are lower at about N400

Prices start at about N800; we expect prices to drop in the future.

Lower energy consumption than incandescent bulbs

Lowest energy consumption and last 10 times longer than CFL, so the long term cost is cheaper.

Lower heat produced than incandescent bulb meaning a cooler home and lower cooling bill.

Lowest amount of heat produced meaning a more cooler home and lower cooling bill.

Contains mercury like the standard florescent and needs to be handled with care if broken

Does not contain mercury.

Needs special models to work with dimmer

Needs special models to work with dimmer


Now for some real life examples, Let’s take an average 3 bedroom home that uses an average of 20 light bulbs consuming 1200 watts (1.5KVA). That consumption can be reduced to 66 watts (0.08 KVA), just 6 watts more than it takes to light one normal light bulb, by changing to energy efficient bulbs. In addition you get a much cooler room because normal lights generate too much heat.

The table below shows it clearly;


             Table 1.0 Comparing normal versus energy saving bulbs in the home



Another example is security lighting for office buildings. JustStandOut has CFL (new or we can modify your present halogen Floodlights) or LED that can reduce your security lighting drastically. These solutions also have motion sensors and photocell options. We also provide full LED solutions that can keep your premises lit 7 days a week.


              Table 1.1 Comparing Security halogen lights to modified CFL



Whatever option you go with, you will be helping to achieve a 21st century lifestyle while reducing your carbon footprint and thereby reducing global warming.

If you have questions or need LED or CFL lights  call or email us on, +234 709 626 3271.