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New & Improved Inverter Series
Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 at 12:20 pm

rect3055-1JustStandOut an alternative energy company launches its new and improved Pure Sine Wave Inverter series. The models are JSO8024, JSO2424, JSO4048 and JSO 6048. This is in line with the company’s goal of continuous product improvement and providing excellent solutions to its clients. This will be a great addition to its existing line of inverters like Xantrex, Magnum, Outback and Victron that are used as part of total solutions.

“We are glad Nigeria and indeed Africa finally can benefit from a mid class inverter that provides superior charging in terms of maximum charge and high charging rates of up to 80% of battery capacity. This means the time to charge a battery bank safely is reduced drastically by almost 50%. It is the only inverter in this class that provides the client higher battery safety cut off, which leads to extended battery life.


Each model can be fitted with optional solar sever for clients that want to invest in solar generation and network capability (SNMP) for monitoring online, which makes our solutions scalable. This product improvement comes with high performance and high reliability to our customers.


At present, we also provide Juststandout Living Solutions that call for designing or renovating Energy systems within a structure to minimize energy consumption so we are better able to meet the people’s energy goals. We will enrich the variety of our products continuously, and meanwhile keep the product performance and reliability at a high level. ”said Mrs. Owen Inyang, Marketing Director of Juststandout Limited, during the launch of the Improved Inverters.


Juststandout provides solutions for Residential, Oil & Gas, Banking, Security, IT, Telecom, Agriculture, Medical, Defense, Utility Power and Transportation sectors. We will work directly with you, your architect or engineers to provide full mechanical and electrical services. Today we are pleased to say that in homes, businesses and roads (streetlights) across Nigeria and Africa, this concept is helping deliver uninterrupted Energy supply. Some of the ideas within this concept can be implemented with little or no investment.

Juststandout Inverters will been widely used in different applications such as: Communication Systems, Home applications, office applications, Power station systems, Railway systems, Emergency Lighting, Automatic control Systems, Fire protection and Security systems, Solar systems, Wind Power, Computer standby, Power Portable, Apparatus, Instruments, Medical Equipments, Electric Vehicles, Electric Tools etc.

Features include:

– Pure Sinewave Inverter/Charger

– Capacities from 800W – 6000W

– Digital with Microprocessor Control

– Advanced LCD Control Panel

– Multifunctional Compatible with Linear and Non-Linear Load

– Presettable Parameters

– Automatic Self-Test Function

– Solar Power Server (Optional)

– SNMP Network Management (Optional)

– Power Saving with Highly Efficient Design

– Low Heat Dissipation for Long Time Operation

– Fast and Powerful Charger with 40A, 50A and 60A.

– Practical Design Operates with Almost All Type of Batteries

– 24 Hours Operation for Long Time Back UP

– Perfect Indoor UPS: clean, noise-free and odorless.




Ordering Details

Available date: Already selling

Delivery: Within 24 hours of confirmed payment

How to purchase:

Products are offered as part of a JustStandOut energy solution. Products may also be ordered directly from JustStandOut or our distributors for use in other applications.

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