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Power backup delivers 370% savings
Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 at 4:59 pm

Juststandout Solution provides 24/7 power for a 4 bedroom Duplex   home delivering savings of 370% per year



    Location: Lagos, Nigeria

    Inverting Power: 6000 Watts

    Charging Power: 60Amps/48V

    Battery Bank: 12 X 200AH Batteries

“As Chief Technical Officer at Juststandout, I got the best Christmas gift ever in 2010 by upgrading our power backup to power an AC. It was the best decision just before the HOT Jan – march weather. My in-law teases us about “living in a bubble” to which I reply that we were blessed with the wisdom to not only reduce our load and modify our behaviour, but to find the correct power backup.” Joseph Bassey Inyang.


The Home

The Home is a duplex located in a residential estate in Lagos where power supply is available for between 4 to 6 hours, on a good day.


The Challenges

· We are living in an estate with consistent power failure in Lagos. Between 2007 and 2012 we have had four prolonged power cuts lasting about 2 to 3 months each time.

· Spending a large portion of our funds to run a large 20 KVA generator

· Running water ran out from time to time due to power outages

· Not getting a good night’s sleep either due to noise pollution, or having to wake up to close or open windows when power failed.


The Juststandout Solution


Juststandout provides systems that work. The Juststandout Living Solutions call for designing or renovating Energy systems within a structure to minimize energy consumption so we are better able to meet the individual or entity’s energy goals.

The solution was implemented using a power backup system with Juststandout JSO 6048 Inverter/Charger, 6000 watts with 60Amps/48V charging power, Juststandout 200AH x 12 Battery bank and a 4.5 KVA Kipor diesel generator placed on the inverter circuit. We also implemented an SNMP to monitor the system online and collect data for continuous improvement.

Reduction in energy consumption was achieved by implementing the following cost savings:

· Energy saving light bulbs to 9 watts from the old 60 watts, achieving the same brightness

· Ceiling fans 50w for common rooms as opposed to Typhoon fans averaging 200 watts and above

· Tower Fans 360 degree 50w for private rooms as opposed to 200 watts and above

· 1Hp AC operating at 22 degrees Celsius and using a light bed cover as opposed to using a duvet and running at 16 degrees Celsius

· We also reduced our pumping machine from 1hp to ½ HP thereby reducing our load drastically to 250watts compared to 2100watts

· Solar powered auto gate opener as opposed to inverter powered

· Vegetable moisturizing for the fridge to help keep vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer time

· Juststandout DIY Ice Battery for the Freezer a zero dollar investment- this runs the freezer saving 200 watts inverter power during grid failure


The Outcome

We now enjoy the availability of power 24/7 while drastically reducing utility power costs, saving the family about N3.2m ($20,000) per year a 370% savings, while improving our quality of life.

  Estimated Juststandout Solution Savings in Five years for the Inyangs
20 KVA Investment 1,300,000 1,300,000
4.5KVA Investment 190,000
Inverter Investment 1,300,000
Battery Replacement 720,000
Diesel for 20KVA 20,295,000 1,020,000
Diesel for 4.5KVA 952,425
PHCN Bill 252,000 360,000
Total Amount 21,847,000 5,842,425
Savings 16,004,575
Savings Per year 3,200,915


This includes 10 – 12 hours of 1hp AC, so no more waking up and opening and closing windows at night, of equal importance is our having continuous water, supplied by a 0.5HP pump. While our fridge and freezer combo works with the inverter during power outage the main freezer works on the Juststandout Ice Battery. When PHCN delivers power for an average of 6 – 8 hours a day, none of the generators come on:

· The 20 KVA generator has not done up to 250 hours in fifteen months.

· The 4.5 KVA has done only 498 hours in 8 months