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Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 at 4:54 pm


iBridge Hub is a place where members develop the skills they need to turn their ideas into action. It works by embracing principles of open innovations. With its institutional values of integrity and community, entrepreneurism, quality and continual improvement, iBridge Hub offers a welcoming, open and happy environment where members can share experience, skills and friendship.

With the support of JustStandOut Limited, an alternative power backup solutions company, through its initiative called “Light up a Precious Life”, the Hub has been lit up with power solutions that will generate the equivalent of 2.4KW of electric power, thereby providing uninterrupted and adequate energy to power the office and the center. Importantly, this solution will save the hub considerably in its operating expenses.

“The donation of this solution to ibridge hub is in line with our vision of helping organisations meet their need for regular power supply at a cost that is affordable and the solutions environmentally friendly. We see the great work Pastor Francis Madojemu is doing in our society, and we believe that by helping his project reduce their overheads, especially their power outlay, it will be better placed to serve the members of the hub” said Mrs. ‘Owen Inyang, Chief Marketing Officer JustStandOut Limited.

Pastor Francis Madojemu, CEO of The iBridge Hub was filled with praises and wrote to us: “There have been only a few times in my life that I have been truly touched and overwhelmed by the love and support from anyone or an organization as I have been with Juststandout over the setting up of The iBridge Hub . Your recent donation to the Project has galvanized us here into

what I believe would be our most impact full outreach to our society. I would like to use this medium and opportunity to thank Juststandout personally for your love, sacrifice and great contribution to making this one of the most memorable times. Thanks and We assure you of our commitment to this relationship and pray that God would multiply to you as you have been to us.

This solution was fitted with an inverter, 4 units of 200amps deep cycle batteries, a battery rack, accessories a complete electrical installation and a warranty to ensure that the equipment functions optimally to benefit the Hub.

‘Owen Inyang said the energy challenge of emerging markets, particularly Nigeria’s, requires solutions that are both innovative and cost effective. “The Juststandout Living Solutions call for designing or renovating energy systems within a structure to minimize energy consumption, so we are better able to meet the people’s energy goals. Juststandout works directly with the individual or architect to provide full mechanical and electrical services.  We are pleased to see that in homes, businesses and on roads (streetlights) across Nigeria, this concept is helping to deliver uninterrupted energy supply. Some of the ideas within this concept can be implemented with little or no investment,” She said.

iBridge Hub

iBridge Hub is a place where members improve their skils and knowledge about relevant issues or current trends by engaging with the resources available. We are located in Ibadan at KM 110 Abeokuta Road, Off Alalubosa GRA. We help facilitate open discussions among young entrepreneurs, investors, potential business partners,mentors and other members experienced in working in telecommunication companies.

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Juststandout provides alternative power solutions and energy consulting that significantly improves the quality of life of individuals, organisations and communities. Information on Juststandout can be found at