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Pawakad Limited


Pawakad Inverter Power Backup Solution Supports up to 70% of Company’s Electricity Needs While Reducing OPEX.


The Company


Head quartered in Lagos, Nigeria, Pawakad Ltd is a technology solution provider that helps organizations collect revenue from their customers.

The company, which currently employs under 10 staff and over 200 agents, uses a proprietary technology platform to carry out collections; they currently collect revenue for Ikeja Electric (IE). Pawakad’s collection of money on behalf of IE offers customers security, greater convenience, choice, and makes the payment process more efficient. The company’s technology platform is online, file systems and their data center are in the cloud, and they communicate with their clients and agents mostly via the internet.


The Challenge




Nigeria generates just about 4,000 mega watts of electricity which is grossly insufficient to meet the demands of its population of approximately 173 million people. Consequently, most Nigerians have to depend on alternative sources of power to generate electricity to their homes and businesses because the country’s grid power has failed woefully to meet the public’s demand.

A unique challenge for all businesses in Nigeria, is unreliable power supply and the need to continue to run an organization efficiently, is core to the existence of a business.

As part of the plan to commence business operations in 2013, Pawakad identified that it would spend too much money on diesel to power its generator if it relied on the grid and generator alone for operation, and this would not make sound financial sense; As such, they decided to consult Juststandout limited for an audit and subsequently to provide the required solution.


The company required a solution that would provide uninterrupted power supply for continuous business operation.




Location: Lagos, Nigeria

System Size: 2,400W X 4 Batteries


“Juststandout is a company with sound technical knowledge, support, and service; I have been a Juststandout customer since 2010 at my residence and since 2013 at Pawakad. I am constantly impressed by the company’s passion for sustainable power, and their dedicated staff. Those, combined with the dedication of management to engender best practices, and the clear and genuine desire to add value to their clients’ power situation are the reasons I cite when I recommend Juststandout services to others”


 Mr. Olayinka Rufai, CEO Pawakad Limited.


The Juststandout Solution

After the initial consultation, Juststandout did an audit of the company’s site and calculated the critical load the company required for the backup solution. We provided a 2,400W system with a 4 Battery solution with the principal goal of powering the company’s critical load. The solution consisted of a JS02424 inverter charger, 4 batteries, battery rack, breakers, stabilizer, and changeover, bus bar and other accessories.

The Juststandout batteries were the 200ah batteries that run up to 1700 cycles at 30% discharge and backup critical loads for a minimum of 10hrs in the event of a power outage. Installation was done during the weekend to minimize disruption to normal business operation; the installation took 1 day to complete and the client was advised to charge the batteries for at least 12hours before first use.



The solution ensured that the company would not rely on power from the grid and a generator for their electricity needs, which would have cost them a huge monthly bill on diesel cost and generator maintenance. The Juststandout solution boasts of backing up 70% of the company’s electricity needs. The solution powers their lights, computers, printers and fans, ensuring affordable and comfortable continuity of operations.


Juststandout is an industry leader providing Electrical and Mechanical solutions for business and residential operations. With more than 300 (Solar, Inverters, Low, Medium & High voltage) operational solutions positioned throughout the Nigerian market, (one of the most challenging in the world) Juststandout has earned the reputation not only as a trusted adviser, but also a reliable and dependable provider of energy, mechanical and electrical solutions.


Pawakad Tel: 0909 631 6839 , 0817 059 0357