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Environmental Policy

We account for everything. Products & services.



Juststandout reports environmental impact comprehensively. We do this by focusing on our products & services: what happens when we design them, what happens when we deliver them, and what happens when you use them.



Juststandout: Energy Efficient Appliances & Offices



img-logo-juststandout-original Our current offerings cover mainly information technology services, and video and audio post production. Our main commitment to the environment in this regard covers energy efficient appliances/devices which we use. Beisance buys energy efficient appliances/devices and we also use energy efficient lighting throughout our offices.

Solar/Renewable Clean Energy



clipart-solar We are currently exploring solar options with regard to power necessary to run all appliances, etc, at our corporate headquarters. Our hope it to be able to deploy Solar/alternative clean energy solutions towards 50% of JustStandOut’s head-office energy requirements within 2 years.




Office Operations



clipart-recycle Office supplies that can be recycled for use within our offices are always recycled. There is a concerted effort to minimise the use of non-recyclable materials. Materials that cannot be used within our offices but which can be recycled are always in line with recycled industry/government recommended best practices.




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