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Power Backup FAQs


What is Juststandout Living Solution?

The Juststandout (JSO) Living Solutions call for designing or renovating Energy systems within a structure to minimize energy consumption so we are better able to meet the people’s energy goals. Juststandout will work directly with you or your architect to provide full mechanical and electrical services. Today we are pleased to say that in homes, businesses and roads (streetlights) across Nigeria, this concept is helping to deliver uninterrupted Energy supply.


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What are some of the Juststandout Living Solution Design Ideas?

  • To minimize consumption, Juststandout Living not only implements design changes but also asks for behavioral modification, which in most cases can be as important as design changes. Some changes include: only reduce wattage but also reduce the heat generated by normal bulbs.
  • Get in the habit of opening the windows for fresh air. Invest in good low wattage fans. go one step further to install a solar attic fan to reduce the heat in the roof. This will in-turn reduce energy (DISCOs or diesel/fuel) cost
  • Get a prepaid meter to reduce your bills. Juststandout also has household / appliance Wattage meters to measure your consumption pattern so you can modify it accordingly.
  • Switch off all lights when not in a room or use infra red switches to turn off lights and equipment when no one is in the room.
  • Add Photo cell switches to outdoor lights or Street lights
  • Change appliances to energy efficient (low wattage) appliances.
  • All heating elements use lots of watts, so consider investing in solar water heaters or run water heaters on your generator and turn off heater option on water dispensers.
  • Use Ice Batteries for preserving food in freezers.
  • After reducing your energy consumption, invest in Alternative Power (Inverter, Solar, Wind or Mini-Hydro)


How Much Energy Can I really Save?

The table below is an indication of how effective energy saving light bulbs and appliances reduce energy output. The table shows savings of 70% – 87% in watts, thereby prolonging the source of energy life.


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What is the Best Alternative Power Today?

Due to investment levels and the fact that inverters are needed for solar, wind and mini hydros, the inverter/charger is the best option.


What is an Inverter?

Most of what we call inverters today are actually inverters and chargers combined. At the heart of most alternative energy systems is a battery bank to store electricity. A charger is used to store the energy, but before it is stored, it must be converted to DC (Direct Current like in your car battery) that is where the inverter comes in. It also helps change the electricity to AC (Alternating Current like DISCOs supplies) which most appliances use. The diagram on the first page shows DISCOs, Solar or Generator used to charge your battery (after being changed to DC).When DISCOs, Solar or your Generator goes/is put off, the inverter changes the stored electricity in the battery supply to the home, office or structure to electricity.


Features & Benefits:

  • Pure Sine Wave and Fast switch-over-time 10msec.Handles sensitive appliances with no need to reboot.
  • Fast charger 400 amps and above, 2 to 10 times faster than most units on the market
  • You are also entitled to a one year limited warranty based on designed wattage


What Type and Size of Inverter, Battery Bank and Charger do I need?

Depends on what appliances and lights you want to power, the size of your generator, the hours you want to run it and the amount of hours DISCOs gives you power, not the size of the structure. For example, the best solution for someone in a service apartment with guaranteed 12 hours of power would be different from someone who runs their generator with little hours from DISCOs. For most consumers, the most important thing is the battery bank and the charging rate is more important than the inverting watts (” KVA”), because excluding heavy equipments like ACs, pumps, heaters and irons, most homes run between 1500W to 3800W. For clients wanting to power heavy loads, only the top end inverters with the ability to handle surges are recommended. Below are examples of Inverter sizes. Please use this only as a guide.


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What can I power with an Inverter/charger?

You can power anything you want (however it may get to a point where it will not be cost effective to power everything on your inverter/charger)


How Long will The Power Last?

Depending on total watts consumed by all appliances; the example below shows watts estimated hours and charging time (50% discharge). Like for a Laptop battery, the hours are more when new. For a long lasting battery bank, it is best not to discharge the battery more than 50% – 60% and to fully charge your battery once a month. So it is the best to get an inverter that can stop your battery from over discharging.


48V System

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Who can benefit from this solution?

Juststandout has power solutions to deliver to your personal or business goals in an environment void of air and noise pollution, while reducing your operating cost. We offer brands like Victron, Xantrex, Magnum, Outback, and Juststandout up to 100KVA to meet the needs of: Homes, offices, supermarkets, hotels, base/relay stations, biomedical equipments, oil companies,


What about Solar?

Solar panels are becoming more affordable and worth the additional investment; however most people do not realize that solar solutions still require an inverter and battery bank to operate. Depending on what part of the country you live in, your solar production will differ, on the average you can expect to get above 50% – 60% of our solar panel rating. Dust, clouds and rain can affect this input. Apart from the solar panel, you will also need a solar controller and racks.


Can I upgrade my Inverter to about Solar?

Yes, you will need solar panels, solar controller and racks. But your Inverter voltage will need to match the solar controller voltage.


General FAQs


What are your payment options?

100% Payment.


How long does it take to install/provide a solution after payment?

It will take between 24 and 48hrs for residential structures. Extra time may be needed if current electrical wiring is substandard.


Can you install outside Lagos?

Yes, we carry out installation anywhere in within Nigeria and West Africa


What happen if my solution develops a fault?

We can troubleshoot over the phone for free to rectify the problem; if we cannot rectify the issue over the phone our technician will visit your site. Please note that site visits attract a Call-out-Charge.


How quick will your maintenance team get to my place?

Within 24hrs in Lagos and within 48hrs outside Lagos; Outside Nigeria will be dealt with on case by case basis


Do you have annual maintenance contracts?

Yes. Please call and one of our experts will explain.


How do I contact Juststandout Limited?

You can call us on 09036261080/ or email


Why should I choose Juststandout Limited?

Our solution is tailored made; we start from site audit and then recommend the right solution based the site audit and your needs? We offer a full range of Mechanical and Electrical Consulting as well as implementation of services for projects by matching the perfect solution for your location, exposure to the elements, and energy needs.