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Quality Policy


Juststandout Limited is committed to excellence, measured in terms of client satisfaction. The quality of our products and services must not

only meet or exceed our client’s requirements but must always be continually improved upon.


Juststandout believes:


Client satisfaction is required for our success


Delivery of tailored solutions,that not only met clients needs but reduce their carbon footprint and cost of running their business is key to our value proposition



Continual process improvement is essential to our company & our clients



Our suppliers are our partners in producing quality product and services



Training is a necessary investment that is required to continually improve our company and our employees.



Our quality system is based upon the principle of prevention.



Quality products and services depend upon trained, committed and involved employees working together for the same purpose.


These principles guide our company in its planning, decision-making and actions. We measure our quality performance in terms of client satisfaction, poor quality cost and reduction in waste. We monitor this performance continually and set goals for improvement.


REV. Jan 2016