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Today we build 21st century homes, offices and plants but cannot enjoy or get the full benefit due to lack of energy. Juststandout Living concept aims to educate and deliver effective and efficient solutions to people and entities across Nigeria and Africa. The mission is to use God given wisdom to improve the lives of people and entities. These energy solutions are based on research and experience in the field.


By designing or renovating total or subsystems to use minimum amount of energy, we are able to start meeting this goal one person at a time. As the word spreads other people will join in adopting the learning. The best time to implement our solutions is at design state of any project. This is when the investments are more valuable. However when faced with existing structures we do our best to modify them to meet the mission.


At the center of JSO living concept is the person or entity. What does the individual or entity need to fulfill its dream? With that said, Let us take a look at a structure and the systems that will deliver the needs of the individual or entity.


The individual or entity needs:


  • An environment that is cool (For most of the year in Nigeria, it means reducing the temperatures.
  • A well lit environment to relax, work or play.
  • Water supply (hot, cold or cool).
  • To store perishable food.
  • To feel safe.
  • Wear clean and pressed clothes.
  • Use several appliances or equipment for work, relaxation, play or cooking.


Based on the above needs, a structure’s system can be divided into:


1. Roofing system.

2. Lighting system.

3. Air conditioning system.

4. Water system.

5. Storage system.

6. Security system.

7. Laundry system.

8. Equipment system.

9. Power System.