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Lighting Systems

When it comes to lighting, the best lighting during the day is natural lighting, this means building or renovating homes to bring in natural light. At night more efficient lights should be used.


In offices desk lamps should be used to light up reading material as opposed to trying to light up the materials and room from afar. At home table or floor lamps should be added to reduce energy consumption.


Level 1: Switch off all lights when not in a room

Level 2: Change your most used light bulbs to Compact Florence Lamps (CFL). New energy light light bulbs save as much as 80% of energy

Level 3: Change all your lights bulbs to Compact Florence Lamps (CFL)

Level 4: Modify current outside halogen lamps to CFL or LEDs lamps

Level 6: Add Photo switches to all outside lights and Infrared switches to lights and set the switch to turn off lights if no one is in the room for 3 or 5 minutes.