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Roofing Systems

If you put a cake in 99% of the roofs in Nigeria on a sunny day, it will bake. This means that our architects have built ovens for us to live in. The ones that did not go to school had built thatched homes which are much more cooler.


You do have the choice to change this situation. First, start  by venting your roof to allow lower temperatures above your head and home, this leads to lower electric bills or lower capacity systems (generators, inverters, solar or wind).


Level 1: Open holes protected by bars and net( like you would roll down a bit the windows in a parked car to reduce the temperature build up)

Level 2: Install an attic fan with a thermostat to quickly reduce the temperature in the roof.

Level 3: Replace metal roofs with clay/slate or other material that do not conduct heat

Level 4: Change roofs to Green roofs for even better insulation.


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