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Today the country is loosing a lot of food due to the lack of adequate food storage. Drive from Lagos to Jos in Nigeria for example and you would find food dried on the road side in bad condition.


Go to the market and see the food that goes to waste due to inadequate storage.

You will also find the amount of food that goes bad because of power failure or freezers failure is significantly high.

The storage of food comes third in line, after AC’s and water heaters when it comes to power consumption. Based on these facts, Juststandout believes that energy to store food can be reduced by three main ways.


The first being; using solar driers to process lots of the foods that go to waste. For example, people all over the world are eating dried bananas and we have a lot of in Africa going bad, daily.


The second option is; using things like the Pot-in-pot fridge and the Juststandout Ice battery.


Last but not the least is solar freezers/fridges that will rely on solar for power.