Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine

Energy crisis facing the nation has made it a necessity for business to access other alternative energy sources.

Choosing the accurate energy source for a business is an increasingly vital choice for businesses due to the increase in the energy cost. Turning to alternative forms of power to cut or replace dependability on the usual form of electricity can save companies millions each year, as well as reducing the impact businesses have on the environment. Apart from solar, wind energy can be an actuality for businesses considering wind power as a source of electricity; it can also serve as an alternative to power supply.

Wind is a strong key component of renewable source of energy to tap. Wind power is widely seen as one of the most desirable and fastest-growing sources of clean and renewable energy that is used to power residential and commercial buildings.


How it works; A Wind turbine captures the wind power and turns it to electricity and it requires regular maintenance.  Wind turbine is the opposite of a fan, instead of making use of electricity to make wind like a fan; wind turbines use wind to make electricity. The wind turns the blades that spin a shaft which connects to a generator to create electricity.


Wind turbines can be Macro or Micro

A Macro wind turbine application is for large-scale energy generation such as wind farms, while a micro wind turbine application is suitable for local electricity production and at the building scale. Wind turbines could also be used in hybrid power generation with solar or other power sources.

Furthermore, wind turbines can be grid-connected or off grid. The off-grid application involves battery storage to store excess electricity, thereby providing a more stable electricity supply. The off-grid application is most suitable where access to the grid is limited or not available at all, such as remote villages and in countries where power from the grid is unreliable.

Grid-connected applications require power inverters to convert generated DC electricity to AC electricity in order to be compatible with power from the grid and AC- electricity appliances. Recent improved technologies, has seen modern wind turbines generate direct AC power


Solutions can be ;

  • Residential
  • Commercial
    • Offices and factories
    • Farms
    • Telecom towers
    • Power stations



Call us today and our technical team will perform a full audit of your premises taking into account


Site Assessment

  • Property screening;

Not all properties are suitable for a wind energy project. Our wind assessment is the initial step in determining the economic viability of your project by analyzing the property size, budget, local-zoning and energy needs of the site, all to come up with the best energy solution for your site.

  • Property wind analysis;

Everything you need to get your project started;  Juststandout’s analysis team considers 19 factors while using its proprietary global database of wind statistics and its GIS software tools,  we will plan your project to maximize savings. We will also consider hybrid solutions at this stage of analysis.

  • The development report;

For larger wind projects, when deeper analysis is needed for bank financing and environmental impact studies, Juststandout’s analysis team will deliver the comprehensive data you need to get your project built.



Benefits of investing in a Juststandout wind turbine solution

  • Reduces your energy bill/cost
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Low operational cost
  • Renewable energy that produces no greenhouses gases or heat emissions
  • For remote location application, it gives better environmental health reducing fire hazard by avoiding the use of kerosene for lighting.
  • Generates electricity on site and safely connects to the building power system
  • Contributes positively to the environment and is sustainable



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